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You know that little things can make a big difference. That's why the Bentley Flying Spur is all about the details. This luxury sedan’s sleek, contemporary exterior is defined by sharp lines and clean edges. Every detail of the interior is crafted, upholstered, sewn, fitted, and finished by hand. This elegance is complemented by the most modern technology from Bluetooth-connected devices to the optional 13-channel Bentley Premium Audio System. A layer of soundproofing keeps the cabin calm and tranquil, despite the power of the engine.

Each Bentley Flying Spur takes more than 130 hours to build, creating craftmanship and design that you won't find anywhere else. Those with an eye for quality and design will appreciate the 25 hours it takes to hand-stitch the contrast stitching in the cabin and the 74 carefully selected LEDs in each headlight. New this year is the Bentley Flying Spur V8 S. For an even more exciting drive, this model adds an enhanced sporting edge, combining power and precision. The Bentley Flying Spur V8 S is extremely responsive to the range. 

Bentley High Point is North Carolina’s one and only authorized Bentley dealership. We serve every city in the state, including Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and Wilmington. To test drive this iconic luxury sedan, contact us  at Bentley High Point today.

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