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Dear Valued Bentley High Point Customers and Friends,

The all NEW 2020 Bentley Continental GT will be with us this year. Sleek lines, impressive power, and cutting-edge technology come together to bring you this amazing new car. The new GT isn’t just striking from the outside; its interior design complements the exterior with clean lines and lighting that can be perfectly configured to your liking. The GT’s efficiency is unmatched with a new 6.0 litre, twin-turbo W12 engine and eight speed double clutch gearbox. Its superb technology features, such as the 48V Active Roll Control system, are just one of the reasons the Continental GT is the most advanced Bentley model yet.  We are taking orders now for delivery later this year as a W12, with an exciting V8 Coupe and Convertible version available this summer.

Our new V8 Bentley Bentayga SUV offers an unapparelled realm of luxury and performance, from prices starting at $165,000.00! Featuring an 8-speed automatic transmission, and permanent all-wheel drive. The 542 bhp 4.0 litre V8 engine achieves its maximum torque of 770 Nm (568 lb. ft) at 1,960 rpm, and maintains this right through to 4,500 rpm, ensuring rapid acceleration at any engine speed. This allows you to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds contributing to the car’s agile, sporty driving experience. Responsiveness and efficiency are both assisted by two twin-scroll turbochargers located inside the ‘V’ of the engine. Further efficiency gains are provided by variable displacement, where four of the eight cylinders are seamlessly shut down when not required, and start-stop technology activated at ‘near-to-stop’ speeds.

We are pleased to welcome Michael Rubin to a sales role from his previous position as our Service Manager. Michael would be pleased to discuss the new Bentley offerings with you, plus our selection of pre-owned and Certified" Bentley's. Call him at 336-884-1810, or email sales@bentleyhighpoint.com.

We are also pleased to welcome Chad Roberts to our team as Service Manager Chad has years of experience in a variety of automotive management roles, and will make a great addition to our already competent team. Chad, Terry, Josh and Eric can take care of any problem you have with your Bentley or "Crewe Built" Rolls-Royce. They also have the advantage of factory parts and technical support. Whether it's a regular service on your modern car or major work on your classic Crewe built car, we can do it. We also have an excellent Bentley Approved paint and body shop. Call Chad at 336-884-1511 for a service appointment, or our parts manager Terry at 336-884-1605 for your Crewe Genuine parts needs. We carry a large inventory of parts for Bentley and Crewe built Rolls-Royce, and Terry is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable parts managers in the country. Our car and parts prices are competitive, and we can ship anywhere in the US.

Ask Chad about some of the other services that we offer, such as paintless dent repair (including hail damage), alloy wheel straightening and repair, window tinting, and clear bra application. Is your car's service up to date? call Chad to schedule now!  (336)-884-1511

Although we are not the largest Bentley dealer in the US, we have one of the largest and most modern showrooms, and one of the best equipped workshops. Please come and visit, we would love to give you the tour! 


Geoff Eade
General Manager
Bentley High Point